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What the Integrated Pain Management HIT has achieved in 2015-16

31 May 2016

Professor David Wynick gives an update on the work of the Integrated Pain Management Health Integration Team in 2015-16.

The Integrated Pain Management Health Integration Team (IPM HIT) aims to provide a fully integrated, multi-disciplinary, lifespan clinical service for chronic pain across the Bristol and Bath area.

We’ve made progress in developing a single clinical pain database. Each member trust captures their own data, but questionnaire consistency means similar information is now recorded across the NHS organisations. We are also scoping a pilot multi-disciplinary pain assessment clinic, which will be trialled by the Bristol trusts.

Our research projects include STAR, which explores long-term pain after knee replacement surgery for osteoarthritis. We’ve submitted research into sensory and motor dysfunction after limb fracture to the European Journal of Pain. We’re submitting a proposal to the National Institute for Health Research Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care West (NIHR CLAHRC West) around the provision of a self-help patient support group for chronic pain.

We have supported the pain forum for professionals, hosted by the national specialist chronic pain service in Bath. Its programme has extended to include an annual event in Bristol, to reflect the geographical area covered by IPM HIT. We’re developing a list of clinical training opportunities, enabling observational visits to clinic sessions across the IPM HIT member trusts.

Setting up a patient and public involvement group remains a priority, to enable patient involvement in service re-design and reviewing grant applications. We’re still recruiting contributors, and planning a combined Bath and Bristol event during 2016.


What the Integrated Pain Management HIT has achieved in 2015-16
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