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Bristol Immunisation Group review of 2015-16

7 May 2016

Professor Adam Finn, Dr Julie Yates and Dr Marion Roderick, Directors of the Bristol Immunisation Group Health Integration Team (BIG HIT) give an update on the HIT's progress in 2015-16.

The Bristol Immunisation Group aims to strengthen and support the many agencies involved in ensuring that immunisations reach the children and adults who need them. There is now a strong collaborative group meeting regularly to address our agreed goals. Over the last year we have supported updating and cleansing of the child health database, the backbone for immunisation data and delivery.

Immunisations in schools have been a particular challenge for Bristol, as traditionally no vaccines were delivered in schools, and the national programme has changed and expanded every year. We have started talking to local teenagers about how we can ensure the programme is as accessible as possible. We plan to improve school liaison to ensure immunisations have the full support of staff, and integrate with the healthy schools programme.

Using the immunisation health needs assessment, we will target the weakest areas of the programme with evidence-based interventions. Our aim is to optimise delivery, uptake and mapping of immunisations, while adding to the evidence base through collaborative research.

Bristol Immunisation Group review of 2015-16
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